How to Roll a Joint – Fat Joint Rolling Guide

Welcome to how to roll a joint. The website that teaches you how to roll jays like a pro. Below we will teach you the basics of rolling a joint but if you already know how to roll a simple joint then feel free to move on to some of the more advanced joints that you can find on the menu to the right.

How to Easily Roll a Joint…

The MixThe Mix

This is often considered the most crucial part of rolling a joint. Ensure that there are absolutely no lumpy bits in the mix. This will help greatly when rolling your joint. You don’t want to joint clogging up with Cannabis while you try to smoke it.




The distribution of the mix in the paper is important as it determines the shape of your joint. Most joints are cone shaped so you are better off going for that shape. Whilst cone shapes are a little harder to roll they smoke a lot better.



The RoachThe Roach

Make sure that you put the roach in before you roll it up. It is a lot easier doing it before than trying to get it in afterwards and it also ensures that it is a perfect fit.

Rolling the JointRolling it up

This is the hardest and most fiddly bit of the process of rolling joints but spend sometime perfecting it and it’ll come naturally later. Pick the whole thing up and starting in the middle begin rolling, moving outwards. Make sure you use your thumbs to do most of the rolling and use your forefingers for support and pressure.


Still RollingFinishing the Roll

Once you can feel that the mix is firm and of an even consistency than with the tip of your thumbs tuck the bottom half underneath, lick the top half and wrap and seal the joint.


Finished JointThe Finished Product

Your joint is now ready to be smoked. The best joints are always quite firm but not so tight that you bust your lungs trying to inhale. If the joint is too loose it will burn way too fast and taste very rough.



More Advanced Joints…

Now that you have the basics down packed you can move on to some of the more advanced joints if you want to. Check out the different joints we teach you how to roll in the right hand menu and please browse our extensive our Free How to Roll a Joint Guides.